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PDX Street Dogs Series

It truly goes without saying, Portland is 100% full of unique quirky personalities.  This definitely includes all the pets that accompany their owners around town.   In my spare time, when I’m not photographing my clients furry loved ones, I like to bring my camera with me on walks through the city to capture these wonderful little beings.  So if you run into a guy carrying a camera wanting to photograph your dog, please don’t think he’s weird.  Well, maybe a little weird.  It is Portland after all.

Tito/ Labrador-Golden Retriever Mix/ 11 yrs old/ NW Portland

Tito hanging outside Dragonfly Coffee patiently waiting on his mom.

Happy/ Miniature Australian Shepard/ 6 years old/ NW Portland

This cute little guy was hanging with his human at a local coffee shop. He seized his opportunity to snag a bit of food

“Motley Crew”/ NW Portland

This pack of wild ones were out for a stroll with their dog walker. They paused for a quick second for some treats and

Gizmo- 11 yrs old Papillon- Pearl District

Gizmo took a minute out of his time basking in the sun to strike a pose with his awesome fluffy tail.

Jackson- 15 yr old Corgi- NW Portland

I ran into this sweet old pup yesterday. He appeared to have been going through some rough times as of late, having

Henry- St. Bernard 2016

Henry trotting down a snowy road in Northwest Portland.

Walt- 11 yr old German Shorthaired Pointer, NW Industrial Portland

Walt, an 11 yr old German Shorthaired Pointer, is definitely one of my favorite neighbors. I befriended him and his

Scottish Deerhound- Forest Park, Portland

I ran into this young handsome guy this past week on a hike in Forest Park. He is a Scottish Deerhound, 5 months old. I

Axel- Portland State University- Saturday Farmers Market

Befriended this cute little guy named Axel yesterday up at the Saturday Farmers Market at Portland State. He’s 10

PDX Street Dogs 2012- name unknown

PDX Street Dog Series/ Name:Unknown/ Breed: uncertain mix/ I guess this would be the very first dog I photographed in

Dusty- Alphabet District

Name- Dusty/  Breed: Beagle Basset/  Age:13/  Location: Northwest Portland- Alphabet District Dusty was trotting along

Henry- NW Portland

So I’ve been planning to do this for a long time now. Im starting up a new series of documentary photos of dogs

Jujubee- Portland State University

Name: Jujubee/ Breed: Deer Head Chihuahua/ Age: 9 years/ Jujubee was sporting his Charlie Brown Halloween outfit at the

Jake- NW Portland

Name: Jake/ Breed: Standard Schnauzer mix/ Rescue Dog/ Age: 1-2 years/ Recently rescued, Jake seemed a bit overwhelmed

Pearl- NW Portland

Meet Pearl, she’s a very sweet White Lab hanging out in Northwest Portland.  I caught this pic of her while she

Chorney/Cocker Spaniel Poodle mix/ Portland State

Here’s Chorney, a 10 year old Cocker Spaniel Poodle mix I met up at Portland State University during the Saturday

Harlow- NW Portland

Name: Harlow/ Breed: Wire Terrier/ Pointer mix/ Age: 10 months/ Here’s snapshot of Harlow fresh from getting wet

Tchaikovsky- NW Portland- Alphabet District

Name: Tchaikovsky- “Tchai” for short/ Breed: Labradoodle/ Age: 1 year/ Northwest Portland- Alphabet

Cooper/ Labradoodle/ NW Portland

Meet Cooper, 1 year old Labradoodle/ Northwest Portland. He took time out from training with his dad to give me a very

Abby- NW Portland- Alphabet District

Name: Abby/ Breed: Poodle/ Age: 9 years old Location: Portland- Alphabet District/ Abby proudly showing off her funky

Whiskey- Portland State University

Meet Whiskey, a 2 1/2 year old Golden Retriever hanging up at the Portland Saturday Farmers Market at Portland State

Floyd- NW Portland

Name: Floyd/ Breed: Terrier mix/ Age: unknown – Shelter rescue dog Northwest Portland Thurman Floyd was kind

Kaiju- NW Portland/ Industrial District

Name: Kaiju / Age: 1yr old/ Breed: Miniature Australian Shepherd / Northwest Portland / Kaiju was kind enough to sit

Bella- Alphabet District

Name: Bella/  Breed: Brussels Griffon/   She can be found hanging with her owner keeping warm in front of Trader Joes

Hank & Sandy- NW Portland

Names: Hank and Sandy/ Chocolate Labs mix/ 8-10 months old/ Northwest Portland I’m not sure if it was Hank or