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Never fear, many of the dogs I’ve had the pleasure to photograph fit in this category. It's just dogs being dogs. In response to this I’ve developed a few tricks to garner attention. It takes extra patience and time along with some rewards. Not to mention, my goal is to capture them being them, acting like a dog. Its not a formal studio shoot, we get a little crazy. Regardless of the situation, I am still able to capture amazing shots of your furry ones. Don’t let your dogs wild side discourage you from letting me capture them. I love a challenge!
You’ll see on my site that most all of the dogs appear to be off leash. While some well mannered and trusted dogs were, a good majority of the unpredictable ones were not. In this wonderful digital age of photoshop, I am able to meticulously remove the leash lines from the shots as if they were never there. Photoshop Magic, ooooh! I’ll never put your dog or anyone else's in danger, if your pup can’t be trusted or doesn’t behave well around others. I usually use a variety of leashes, short and long leads depending on if we want them to have have the freedom of running around while under control or if we want to contain them in a designated spot. Some cooperation on the owner’s part helps with the corralling.
Yes, I most certainly do. I do not discriminate against any animals. I love them all and will absolutely photograph them!
Although my main focus is on your pup, I do encourage some shots together with the owners. I love capturing the relationship and interaction between dogs and their people.
Senior or dogs with failing health take priority on my schedule. Don’t hesitate to contact me and I will make time.
The sky is the limit or rather it isn’t. I’ll go anywhere, I love to travel. Contact me regarding your needs and we will figure out travel costs.
Although some overcast and cloudy conditions can be visually pleasing, when its pouring outside we may need to reschedule or move inside. Living in Portland, Oregon, the reality is it rains, a lot. So I’ll work with the situation and you so that I am able capture wonderful images of your furry one.
I take credit cards, checks, cash, Venmo, or Paypal. A 50% deposit is required at time of booking. Products are paid in full at time of ordering.
My ultimate goal is to produce beautiful artwork of your furry loved ones for you to display in your home.  I've work closely with the professional labs that I use and know I can trust that they will produce the very best quality artwork of your pup's portraits.  However, I do now offer high resolution digital files for sale, pricing begins at $250 each. Complimentary Low Resolution Social Media Ready Files are provided with every print purchase.

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