How It Works

Step 1:  Booking a session with me:  Contact me regarding your interest to book a session in advance.    We can either meet up for an in person consult, discuss it over the phone, or correspond via email.  Together we’ll figure out the best calendar date that works for both of us.  The absolute best times of day to shoot is either early in the morning or late afternoon a few hours before sunset.  If it’s overcast outside, then midday would be more ideal.  I always keep the weather monitored all the way up to the day of our shoot.  During this time I’ll keep in contact with you with a weather update and possible changing of our shoot time for the best outcome.

Step 2:  Determining a location:  Once you have booked me, I will send you a full list of suggested locations. Together we will find the absolute best location providing an exceptional back drop for your pet.  Keeping in mind such aesthetics as color, lighting, and scenery, we will find the perfect place for your pup to let loose and allow their awesome character shine.  My personal preference is to photograph them in what Oregon has best to offer, natural wilderness settings such as parks, trails, beaches, rivers,  etc…  Urban environments are also great locations with awesome old brick buildings, cobble stone roads and other city backdrops.   Realizing a good majority of my shoots are taking place in the Portland, OR surrounding area where it rains 75% of the time, home location shoots might be ideal during the rainy season.  However, unless its completely dreary, wet and grey all at the same time, some overcast and cloudy conditions can result in very pleasing light and dramatic backdrop pictures.  It’s something I can definitely discuss with you before our shoots.  I’m open to rescheduling or modifying locations if really bad weather is on the horizon.

Step 3:  Prepping for the day of the shoot:  I will ask you some information about your furry loved one(s) ahead of time to help prepare for the day of the shoot.  In addition, I’ll advise you on a few things to prep them, such as grooming and bringing some of their favorite toys and treats along with the goodies I bring.

Step 4:  The day of the shoot:  We will all meet up together at the location.  Depending on your pup’s comfort level, I may take little time to get to know your little scruffy one without my camera, so that they will feel more relaxed with me.  After they have warmed up, I’ll introduce them to my camera.  We’ll bribe them a bit with some treat to ease the process and then go venture off into the wild.

I will have already scouted the location for the best spots, but we’ll also let them be themselves and guide us a bit.  I’ll capture them being the fun loving, crazy creatures they are.  Their personalities will shine as they explore.  In the process we will tire them out a bit so that they are more cooperative.  There will be no shot list or rules, its me capturing them being their natural selves.  My style is very relaxed and patient.  I prefer shooting in natural light because its less restrictive and intimidating for them.  However, I like to use a little flash in some adverse lighting situations usually as the sun gets lower and after sunset.  Generally, by that time your furry companion has tired a bit and is more cooperative, but regardless of the situation, I have plenty tricks of my sleeve to garner their attention for wonderful shots.

Step 5:  Editing and choosing your Phido artwork products: After our fantastic fun filled shoot:  I will go back to my office with all the images captured to begin narrowing down to the very best shots of your pup.  I’ll custom edit a few great images to showcase what I can do for any of the photographs you chose to purchase prints or products of.  It generally takes 1 to 2 weeks for me to create your own personal online gallery.  At this point we can then meet up for a consultation, talk over the phone, or through email to decide what images you would like to convert into gorgeous artwork and/or albums for your home.

Phido Photography offers fine art and commercial pet photography specializing in creative lifestyle and environmental portraiture. Based out of Portland, Oregon.

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