THE PHIDO TEAM:   There’s me, the photographer, Teran, and our phenomenal four legged fluffy chocolate lab super model, Abby.  Abby deserves considerable credit for helping scout out fun locations and happily accepting treats in trade for some modeling.  Abby has the tougher job of us both.

PHOTOGRAPHY BACKGROUND:  My photography education, training and addiction began in the mid 90’s, back in the good old film days when I would happily spend entire days developing film and prints in the darkroom at school.  I attended the prestigious Brooks Institute of Photography and later began working as a professional freelance photographer shooting everything and anything including commercial work, architecture, travel/fine art, food, nature, portraiture, weddings, you name it.

WHY PET PHOTOGRAPHY NOW?  Its pretty sad, all through my photography courses in college, as students we were always discouraged by our professors to take pictures of our adorable kitties and pups at home.  It wasn’t considered valued or serious photography.  Even though I happily took photographs of my pets and other’s for my own enjoyment, I never considered it as something I could do professionally.  It was only within the last several years, that I realized that I could combine the two things I love.  It gives me such great pleasure now being able to creatively capture the soulful personality of people’s furry loved ones and then transform them into lasting artwork and memories to adorn families’ walls, frames and albums.

LOVE FOR DOGS AND ALL ANIMALS:    My earliest and fondest childhood memories are of my first dog and best friend, a yellow lab named Skipper.  Bearing a striking resemblance to Old Yeller, he literally was like the movie star pup from the silver screen to me. While living out the countryside in Oregon and Texas, he was always faithfully by my side on my adventures near our home.  Along with Skipper, through the years we adopted and cared for many other wonderful loving dogs, cats, birds, hamsters, fish, and even a goat.  I’ve always felt a deep connection with animals.  Through the years of interacting with dogs and other pets of all shapes and sizes, I feel I have a great understanding of their behavior and body language.  These skills combined with yummy treats and some abnormal high pitch sound effects definitely comes in handy while photographing them.



Phido Photography offers fine art and commercial pet photography specializing in creative lifestyle and environmental portraiture. Based out of Portland, Oregon.

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