Giving Back

I’ve always had a huge bleeding heart for all animal life in need of help.  It really is central to everything I do.  I’ve found one great way for me to help out is donate my time and photography to various rescue groups, whether it’s photographing pets in need of a home or helping raise money for and organization in need.  Through the years here in Portland, Oregon I’ve had great opportunities to do just that.  A short list of rescue groups I’ve had the pleasure helping is Oregon Humane Society, Oregon Dog Rescue, Dove Lewis, Angels with Misplaced Wings, Fences for Fido,  the PNW Great Pyrenees Rescue SocietyPacific North West Bull Dog Rescue, and Golden Bond Rescue.

Phido Photography offers fine art and commercial pet photography specializing in creative lifestyle and environmental portraiture. Based out of Portland, Oregon.

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